Cuadriatlón Cazalegas 2021
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Datos básicos

  • Cuándo: Domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2021 a las 9:00
  • Lugar: Cazalegas
  • Población:
  • Provincia: Toledo
  • Fechas de inscripción: Del 12/08/2021 a las 0:00 al 24/09/2021 a las 23:59


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Más información

1. The 2nd Cazalegas World Cup Quadrathlon 2021 is a competition organized by Cazalegas city hall in colaboration with the World Quadrathlon Federation.

When and Where

2. Competition will be on Sunday 26th of September 2021, in the Cazalegas reservoir, in front of Cazalegas camping, Toledo, Spain. Race timetable will be published in the website.


3. Segments are the following for all categories:

  • Swim: 750 m.

  • Cycling: 18km

  • Kayak: 4km

  • Run: 5km.

    4. There are 2 options to participate: solo or relay.
    5. Only competitors born in 2006 or before can participate in the event.

    6. There are the following solo categories, that it is also divided to male and female categories:

  • Youth (15-17 yo). Born in 2004-2006.

  • Junior (18-19 yo). Born in 2002-2003.

  • Under23 (20-23 yo). Born in 1998-2001.

  • General (24-39 yo). Born in 1982-1997.

  • Master A (40-49 yo). Born in 1972-1981.

  • Master B (50-59 yo). Born in 1962-1971.

  • Master C (60 years old or more). Born in 1961 or before.

    7. There will be the following relay categories:

  • Male relay

  • Female relay

  • Mix relay
    8. Relay team will be composed by 2, 3 or 4 competitors. One competitor can do between 1-3 segments, depends on number of components in the team. There will be specific areas to pass the chip/baton among components of the same team. These areas will be designated by the organization prior starting the event.

    9. Special categories (only relay. NO valid for final club classification)

• Paraquadrathlon: according to different classes of paratriathlon

(PTWC,PTS or PTVI) and/or paracanoe (KL or VL) of respective

26 SEPT 2021



750 20K 4K 5K

international federations. At least one component of the team must

be correctly certified for one of the previously named classes.
• Rescue and Security forces. It includes firefighters, police, military,

civil protection... and other corps and units. All components of the

relay team must be correctly accredited.

Segments and materials

10. Competitors must use all numbers and identification cards given by organization without modification.

11. No correct competitor identification could be a reason for not start the event.

12. Material (bike, kayak...) need to be kept in the bike box and kayak box before start the event. Marshals will be controlled both in get in as get out, being necessary showing the race number of every competitor.

13. It is only allowed to get out the bike or kayak from the boxes by the competitor, showing the number to our marshals.

14. Cycling segment will be done in a road closed to traffic and under NO DRAFTING rules by WQF. It will be controlled by volunteers, Police and Guardia Civil. Competitor must respect trafic rules everytime. Helmet properly fasten must be used. It is allowed road, timetrial and mountain bikes. Electric or others similar bikes are forbidden.

15. Lifejakect must be used for youth category (15-17 years old), and optional in the rest of categories in the kayak segment.

16. It is allowed to use kayak (K1), surfski or canoe (C1), but not allowed motor- boats or inflatable boats.

17. All boats have to present a bouyance system, according to the type of boat (plastic kayak) or any device inside the boar that garantee its flotage (float, polystyrene...).

18. All boats must be cleaned and disinfected prior to use. There will be an specific area for disinfection.

Time limits

19. It will be established time limits for each segments.

  • Swim: 30 min

  • Swim + Bike: 1h45min

  • Swim + Bike + Kayak: 2h30min

  • Total: 3h30min


20. Registration fee for solo and relay categories will be published at REGISTRATION in the website.

21. Registrations will be done in the REGISTRATION link in

22. Registration fee (100%) will be refunded in case you cancel your registration, as long as it is notified before REGISTRATION is closed.

23. Registration will be closed on Sunday 19th of September at 23:59h or when it is reached maximum of participants (300).


24. Race numbers and chip will be picked up by the competitors on Saturday 26th September in the technical briefing (time and place will be published in website) or same day of event, on Sunday 26th September, in a place and timetable published in the website. It is necessary showing the Identification card of the competitor to pick up numbers and chip.

Kayak Renting

25. There will be a limited kayak renting service thanks to Talavera Talak Canoeing Club and partners. All information about types of boats and renting conditions will be shown in the KAYAK RENTING of the website.


26. There will be medals for the first, second and third position in each category.

27. There will be trophies for the first, second and third clubs, based on a general classification (solo and relays points).

Classification points

28. Club classification will be established by points in the solo AND relay classification (Club classification= solo points + relay points). Points will be as the following (no included special categories):

  • 1st position: 100 points

  • 2nd position: 90 points

  • 3rd position: 85 points

  • 4th position: 80 points

  • 5th position: 79 points

  • 6th position: 78 points

  • ...and so on

    In order to get points for the club classification, competitiors or relay teams will have to finish the event within time limits.


29. It is not allowed any external help for competitors during the race, being a reason to disqualification. Organization is the ONLY entity allowed for any help to competitors in order to ensure security.

30. There will be a WASTE AREA in order to throw garbage or gels during the race. Throwing garbage outside this waste area will be a reason to disqualification.

31. Penalties will be carried out in a PENALTY BOX, indicating race number and penalty time. If there is no option to accomplish penalty during the race, time will be added at the final time. Disrespect or disobey to any marshal will be a reason to disqualification.

32. It is not allowed any speaker or music device.

COVID19 Informacion

33. Competition and the day before race, will take place under hygiene and safety measures against COVID19. The organization will publish on its website and social networks the protocol designed for the event, according to the health situation at that time. Every participant and spectator will be responsible for their acts and omissions in this regard, being grounds for disqualification or notice to safety local authorities. When registration for the race your are accepting this regulation, and exempts the organization from any responsibility related to COVID19.


34. In case of an unexpected circunstance or sudden event, organization will keep the option to modify itinerary, neutralization or even cancelation the event.

35. All competitors accept and certifying that they are in well conditions to do not endanger their health during the event, declining all responsabilities to organization. Marshals and organization could force not participate prior or during the event, in case there is any competitor with symptoms of exhaustion, severe injury or any other serious circumstance.

36. All competitors accept these rules at the moment of registration at the event. For any other situations not specified, organization will follow the rules of the World Quadrathlon Federation.

Cazalegas, 1st of January of 2021